300 x 250 cm

Niches is part of Simone Haug's artistic work and was created as an artist rug in a limited edition of five examples (of which the present one is the artist's proof) in collaboration with Alberto Levi, whose passion is for both antique and contemporary carpets.

In 'Niches', the artist takes up the stacked niche element, especially as seen on old central Anatolian Tulu rugs, and develops a pattern which unites an archaic past to an optimistic vision of the future.

'Niches' is hand woven with Persian knots employing high quality, hand-spun New Zealand wool with superior fibre length, which makes the pile especially soft and durable at the same time. It is woven with a high/low textural structure that is reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian rugs. The configuration of this particular quality is such as to ensure that we achieve the desired texture, which differs from the regular qualities being produced in the market. In order to perfect this texture, the mill has developed a particular washing technique consisting of multiple runs.