In the photo-reportage of Simone Haug, the fantastical universe of the circus is the backdrop for a social reality: the emotional, physical, and economic vulnerability of retired acrobats. Though they can no longer practise their craft – either because of diminished physical ability or because age has forced them to quit – these artists display an unfailing optimism, resourcefulness, and an attitude towards life that remains unchanged. From the world of the circus, Simone Haug draws out a simplification of form that leads towards what is essential: the capacity to maintain balance in a world where limits are constantly being surpassed. (Catherine Kohler)

Publication: Downs and Ups. Visual Insights into Vulnerability and Resiliance during Life Course. Snoeck Publishers, 2016

A cooperation between PNR Lives and Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography (with Delphine Schacher and Annick Ramp)

Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography 2016